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  • | SWF 2024 | Amsterdam , The Netherlands

Raven is a DJ, producer and vocalist living in Berlin.

After debuting her first EPs Flames (2020) and Mania (2021) on Radio Slave’s cult label, Rekids, her techno siren songs quickly caught the attention of Amelie Lens, who featured Raven on Exhale VA002 (2021) and Global Underground #44 (2022). Since then, she has become a regular at Exhale, Unreal and major festivals like Awakenings, and made her debut at clubs like

Berghain. Don’t be fooled by her vegan diet, tooth-gemmed smile or soft-spoken, soothing voice––Raven’s dark, hard-hitting sets are not for the faint of heart. With influences that range everywhere from The Ring to Joey Beltram, Raven’s renegade fusion of acid, trance and rave dissolves the traditional distinction between genres and always maintains an element of the surprise. The Canadian-born artist is by every definition a DJ’s DJ: an artist with an encyclopedic knowledge of techno history, a truly nerdy level of technical skill, impeccable, discerning taste and an authentic commitment to nurturing the underground.