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  • | Nexus @ Tempo Nightclub | Surfers Paradise, AU

Young Belgian DJ and producer Jan Vercauteren is unquestionably a refreshing additon to the world of Rave music.

Jan was raised in the suburbs of Brussels and developed an early interest in techno and rave music. As soon as he began
experimenting with his own compositions, it became obvious that he has great skill and love for creating straightforward dance-floor bangers.
After Parfait's Possession Boiler Room, where she played two of his tracks, Dysfunction & Poisoned, the world got to know
Jan's universally liked signature sound. With releases on KTK Records, The Meaning Of Rave & Rave Alert, he has managed
to influence the whole hard techno scene with his 90s-like grooves. Nowadays, Jan can be found all over Europe at huge
events like Verknipt, Blackworks, Possession, Unreal & Kompass Klub.

Keep an eye out for the young Belgian prodigy in 2023!