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Meet Gianmarco Cellini, a Belgian-based artist with proud Italian roots who creates percussion-driven and dancefloor-ready electronic music inspired by traditional influences from across the globe.

In the past decade, Cellini has established himself as a versatile artist known for his eclectic DJ sets that take ravers in many different directions. From hard-hitting techno to sublime house music, the common thread remains a percussion-based setup that enchants new fans and seasoned ravers alike. Having already played hundreds of nightclubs and festivals around the globe, this man has a clear talent for reading the crowd and creating an energetic and engaging atmosphere in whichever style he likes.

However, his true passion is making live music where he can showcase his unique sound even better. Drawing influence from his Mediterranean roots, Cellini often finds harmony in combining traditional drums and samples from across the globe with contemporary club sounds. The music is characterised by infectious flows, driving basslines, and intricate percussion – as can be heard on his latest single ‘Lose Yourself’ with fellow Belgian artist AMOS. He uses a variety of instruments, including live drums and synthesisers, to create a rich and textured outcome that sounds both organic and electronic. With a debut album in the pipeline, one can only imagine the bounty of rhythm that will come our way.

Throughout his career, Cellini has received opportunities to play alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Daphni and Bonobo. In addition, he has toured extensively throughout Europe and Latin America, gaining fans and recognition for his dynamic performances and hypnotic DJ sets.

Overall, Cellini’s music celebrates diversity and cultural exchange, fusing European dancefloor-ready genres and various musical traditions to create something new and exciting. His sound is equally modern and timeless, reflecting his unique perspective on electronic music.